Monday, 28 November 2016

What Am I Doing?

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I sit here at my antiquated lap-top (connected to you via the Internet by an asthmatic mouse on a tread wheel), with despair.

I have been silent over the last couple of weeks; both on my blogs and on social media. I wanted to take stock of what other people were saying. I wanted to better understand the viewpoints of mi’colleagues, my peers and those so much more knowledgeable on the issues surrounding the prison estate than I. I bow to these people and I urge you to read their blogs/websites, follow their time lines and interact with them. They are the Einstein to my Lou Costello.

I have read  many reports over the past few weeks from organisations that I respect so very much, The RSA paper on Prisons, The Howard League for Penal Reform, The Prison Reform Trust, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons, The Harris Review, Dame Sally Coates Paper, etc. I have read disastrous papers of such tripe that my knuckles are red from smacking them down on the table with anger. What would drive me to such an act, you ask? Yes, you guessed it The Government's Paper on Prison Reform.

I sit and wonder, and I want to be honest with you. However, I worry that you will think less of me. I worry that you will take my rant as just that; a rant from an “ex-con” who just has an axe to grind. So before I go off on this one, please dear reader, do not be insulted by about what I am about to say. I mean no disrespect to anyone, it is the last thing I would do, but I need to vent, I need to say how I feel. I offer my opinion and I hope that just one of you, just one of you, gets it. John Milton once said “Opinions in good men are but knowledge in the making”. Knowledge can be used to affect change and to not do anything with that knowledge.... well... who was it that said “For Evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good men to do nothing”?

Now I don’t want to go off on a rant here but;

I have tried to read all the recent reports on Prisons, and I have, I believe achieved that goal. I read from those so better informed than I. University Professors, Journalists, Barristers, Prison Governors, Prison Reformers all write with aplomb, quoting statistics from memory, I am sure. They write with such knowledge on what is wrong with prisons today, the cause and effect of recidivism, the rehabilitation of a prisoner and the resettlement needs of them. They issue warnings to the government of the day of the dire state of our prisons. They bang their drums loudly from the rooftops. These are intelligent people, people much cleverer than I. Money has been donated to the charities that write some of these papers, money from people perhaps who can ill afford to do so but have goodness in their hearts. 

And yet, and here is the crux of the thing, what is done about these papers? What is implemented as a result of the publishing of these papers? Lamentably, the answer is plain for all to see who read the newspapers or watch the news. Nothing! These papers have some great ideas wrapped inside them but I don’t ever recall seeing anything from them coming into effect.

You know I was a serving prisoner, right? Well I had heard of The Howard League and The Prison Reform Trust before I entered prison, but I never heard anything about them whilst I was IN prison. Are these wonderful organisations not there to help prisoners during and after custody? Why doesn’t the Estate recognise the good work that these charities try and do?

I read with utter desolation a tweet yesterday from Frances Crook (The Chief Exec of the Howard League for Penal Reform) that her team were trying to get a young lad escorted to his dying mother’s hospital bed before the doctors switched off life support. The prison refused citing staff shortages. 

OH COME ON! At what level of Dante’s inferno have we as a society reached when a boy is refused seeing his mother for the last time? 

Why do we have to voice our outrage on social media when something like this happens? It just shouldn’t happen in the first place. I tell you this, if the staff had asked the people on the wing where that boy was resident in if they minded being locked up in order that he could be escorted, I say with hand on heart that not one of them would have refused. Did the management even think about that for one minute or did they just use an excuse for not going the extra mile? Shame on them!!  May a member of their family never pass away alone.
What’s the point people? All the reports say the same thing. “Our prisons are in crisis, we need to lock up less people and we need to rehabilitate those that are” And what heed is taken from them? I mean what chance to do we have when the Secretary of State for Justice deigned the Harris review beneath her to read prior to her first attendance in front of the Justice Committee? 

So what effect do all these papers have on the prisoner they so eagerly want to help? The answer is nothing, nada.

I am humbled that my blogs and writings attract your interest, I really am. Hopefully, they ring true in your hearts and minds and I know that you want to affect a change. I know you don’t want to just sit there and tut and say “Oh this is terrible, OK, what’s for lunch?” But what do WE do?

A couple of weeks ago there was a #prisonstorm arranged for twitter. A sort of cry to arms as it were. It was to be a podium for those who wanted to debate prison reform. It was well attended and many good ideas were floated. Do you know what the Mi contributed to the debate? They stuck a link up directing people to the White Paper. Look I have written enough about that piece of trash, save to say 2,500 officer’s immediately, REALLY? By 2018 is what was stated in the paper but Phillip Hammond confirmed in his recent speech that they would be on line by 2020. They are needed now not 4 years from now! 

If the establishment won’t heed the warnings from those intellectuals so qualified to do so, are we then really supposed to get up in arms when there is another prison riot, another self harm or suicide or when Prison Officers just stop and say “Enough! We’re not going back in until it’s safe for us AND them”. The government’s answer was to take them to court and force them to go back to work. Here’s the thing that the media never reported...How many riots happened after the strike (oops not a strike) was called off? NONE. You see, the prisoners, I believe, understood the frustration the staff felt and in an indirect way supported them silently. 

All of this does not change a thing. The government gets mileage from issuing what they call a white paper of prison safety and reform. The mainstream media lap it up and the secretary of state goes on the milk round of TV interviews (which quite incidentally proved to be a car crash). But the paper’s contents do not come into effect for two years. Meanwhile people dying in our prisons. Over 750 people have committed suicide in the last 10 years; there has been in excess of 34,000 reported issues of self harm this year alone. Why are we allowing this to continue? Why are we sitting idly by and allowing this to go on?

Me? What Am I doing about it? I am as guilty as the next man/woman/person/budgie/ whatever. I write articles for publications, I rant, I tweet and then I put my light off at night and go to sleep. The next day I get up and do the same. Wasn’t it Einstein who said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results? Then colour me “crazy."

I try to offer guidance to those in power in how to deal with prisoners and how to help them through their time in custody. I offer to help new members of staff see things from a prisoner’s point of view.  But I am a wimp, every time they knock me down, I stay down for that bit longer.

I sit in awe at the guts of some of my peers. Faith Spear blew her whistle at the inefficiency of the Prisons Independent Monitoring Board and was subject to a barrage of bullying and intimidation by her colleagues that resulted in her facing a disciplinary hearing this week. Yet there she is standing by her morals and scruples and shouting. We can learn a lot from this woman.

I am but one voice in a million and am getting so very hoarse.

What do we do people, what do we do? Do we just sit and bleat until we are blue in the face whilst people die in our prisons and hope that those in power take notice or do we just pick up our toys and leave the sand box and go home?

I despair of our society sometimes I really do.

Of course this is just my opinion I could be wrong.

If you wish to hear my plea I have recorded it Here, click on the "What Am I Doing" Tab.


  1. I know this sounds drastic but what is needed is revolt and maybe the precursor to revolt is the dissemination of information. Share what we know to those who don't know, at the end of the day the tax payer is largely ignorant of how their money is being squandered and yes diverted to the rich. Keep sharing, tell everyone, everything you know about the system. I di believe though that change will be taken from those at the bottom

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I do hope that people take heed

  3. For some time I've suspected that too many people are being locked up, but only recently have I learnt just how dramatically the prison population has increased over the past twenty-odd years. I'm not sure why I should care – I've managed to avoid the place so far – but for some reason it seems to matter. I've not read the white paper. I've not done anything about whatever it is I'm concerned about. And I don't know what I could do. But I appreciate your efforts, and will read more.

    You might not care too much that the 'good men do nothing' line has been used by many people, probably without pausing to think about what it means, or whether it means anything much at all, but is usually attributed to someone who seems never to have said it. Hope you'll forgive my pointing that out.

    1. Hi Sima,
      I was aware about the issues surrounding the quote, hence the reason I never attributed it to anyone!

      You have taken the first steps in doing something about hte disastrous state of our prisons, you read an article about it. Read more blogs, I recommend PrisonUK as he is far more knowledgeable about issues than I.
      You say you don't know why you should care. The fact that you do is sufficient and thank you so much for not only taking the time to read my blogs but to comment them as well.

  4. In a period of financial austerity, the current waste of both human resource and money does not make sense. Keep up your good work; thank you.

    1. Trevor,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rant and other blogs.